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Office space in City Center

VNĐ 80 / sq ft

Mô tả

Offices in classical antiquity were often part of a palace complex or a large temple. The High Middle Ages (1000–1300) saw the rise of the medieval chancery, which was usually the place where most government letters were written and where laws were copied in the administration of a kingdom. With the growth of large, complex organizations in the 18th century, the first purpose-built office spaces were constructed. As the Industrial Revolution intensified in the 18th and 19th centuries, the industries of banking, rail, insurance, retail, petroleum, and telegraphy dramatically grew, and a large number of clerks were needed, and as a result more office space was required to house these activities. The time and motion study, pioneered in manufacturing by F. W. Taylor led to the “Modern Efficiency Desk” with a flat top and drawers below, designed to allow managers an easy view of the workers. However, by the midpoint of the 20th century, it became apparent that an efficient office required discretion in the control of privacy, and gradually the cubicle system evolved.[1]

Mã BDS : 18336
Giá: VNĐ 80 / sq ft
Diện tích: 150,00 m2
Property Lot Size: 400,00 m2
Phòng: 10
Phòng tắm: 2
tủ lạnh
gần chợ
gần khu giải trí
gần trung tâm mua sắn
hầm rượu
sân bóng rổ
phòng tập thể dục
lò sưởi
nhìn ra hồ
hồ bơi
sân sau
sân trước
sân rào
vòi phun nước
máy giặt và máy sấy
ban công
giặt ủi
trợ giúp đặc biệt
không gian riêng tư
bãi xe
hồ bơi

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